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Small - Underarm 93cm Length 58.5cm
Medium - Underarm 103.5cm Length 59.5cm
Large - Underarm 112cm Length 62.5cm
XL - Underarm 122cm Length 64cm
XXL - Underarm 130cm Length 65.5cm

This kit includes a colour-printed pattern card with full instructions and all the yarn required to make Cairngorm Brooch in your chosen size. This design is a good project for an advanced cable knitter, see story for more information.

Cairngorm Brooch is available in a choice of eight colours of Bainin yarn and is shown here in Cairngorm. See details for a digital shade card of all Bainin colours.

Price: from £68.00

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Length is from top of shoulder to side seam hemline.

The knitted measurements given are of the finished design when it has been knitted with the tension stated in the pattern instructions.

The range of sizes available depends on the individual design. For garments such as pullovers, cardigans, vests and jackets, use the underam measurement to determine the size you require. The underarm measurement is the finished width around the entire garment, measured under the arms. For a garment with a front fastening, such as a cardigan, the finished underarm is given when the front bands are overlapped and the garment is fastened.

To determine which size is required, use the actual chest/bust measurement, which should be measured straight across the back, under the arms and over the fullest part of the chest/bust.

Then add one of the following measurements according to the type of fit you require:

For a close, body-hugging fit add 1 to 3cm to the actual chest/bust measurement.
For a standard fit add 5 to 8cm.
For a loose fit add 9 to 12cm.
For an oversize fit add upwards of 12cm.

The knitted length given for garments is measured from the top of the shoulder to the bottom of the hem.


Named after a Scottish Country dance, Cairngorm Brooch is a very stylish raglan sweater with straight three-quarter length sleeves. Alice Starmore® Bainin ensures that the sophisticated textures and patterns are perfectly defined. I designed two elaborate emblems to represent the "brooches" – one for the back and front, and another for the sleeves. I devised a couple of new cabled manoeuvres for the twisted rib outlines of the emblems, which step back and forth from main to cable needle, in tune with the steps of a dance, so I have christened my manoeuvres "The Cairngorm Twists". This is an interesting project for an experienced knitter looking for something new and different.

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